Standard Guide to Carp Fishing TackleEdit

Written By Don EigermeyerEdit

It can be a bit overwhelming when looking for the top carp fishing tackle if you are not familiar with this gear or the characteristics of it. In order to get the most out of your carp fishing tackle, you will need to know a few important points that makes your perform at its best. This would include such factors on the rod as the lifting power, the test curve and the action of it.

The Test Curve of your Carp Fishing Tackle Rod There is a specific amount of weight that will make your rod curve at a 90 degree angle down to the end of the rod, this is known as the test curve. In other words it helps to actually measure the amount of firmness your rod has. The weight of the carp will determine the rod test curve you should have for example: if the carp weighs in between 3 to 8 pounds then you need to have a test curve on your carp fishing tackle of at least 8 pounds of pressure. If you do not have the pressure as it should be you can run the risk of breaking your rod. For instance, if the test curve is lower then the weight of the carp, you may end up with a broken rod.

Carp Fishing Tackle's Rod Action When you talk about the bend ability of your rod, you are talking about the action of the rod. You will have a fast action to your rod if the bend is at the top 1/3 of the rod. If your rod is prone to bending at the very top then the action i said to be at a medium pace. Lastly, if your rob tends to bend near the bottom part then the action is said to be slow.

Performance of your Carp Fishing Tackle The lifting power and the strength of your rod is what determines the performance of your carp fishing tackle. The strength of your line must absolutely be proportional with the lifting power of your rod. You will find that if you have a light line coupled with heavy lifting power, you may end up with a broken rod just as if the line is on the heavy side and your lifting power is more light. The amount of lifting power you have will depend on the water you are fishing in. If you are fishing in turbid water then you will need to go with a rod that has a high lifting power. You will need to go with a lifting power that is low if you are fishing in clear water. 08:59, March 3, 2010 (UTC)Don Eigermeyer,